Al-Barkat Foundation Pakistan

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Al-Barkat Foundation Paksitan- Non Profit , Non-Governmental & Non- Religious Orginzation, is based in Sharaqpur sharif; District Sheikhupura, Punjab Pakistan. Al Barkat Foundation Pakistan operate in the small city and works among the desperately poor to pull them of the vicious cycle of poverty. Education and health are extremely important in the well-being of the society. Small cities and rural areas face severe problem in these two areas due to their remoteness, lake of proper transport, poverty level and some time due to antagonism of feudal landlords. The basic aim is to further the common good and general welfare of the community.
  • Business Category:     NGO, Political, Social Organizations
  • Address:     Sharaqpur Sharif
  • City Name:     Sharaqpur Sharif
  • Contact Person:     Sheikh Asim Rafique
  • Phone No 1:     03224471991
  • Phone No 2:    
  • Email:
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